A Pretty Postcard

I've been working on a little postcard project for my business that I just recently had printed. My goal was to create something that I could send to shops and restaurants in my town and neighboring towns to advertise my lettering and calligraphy services. I wanted it to be cute and not overly solicitous because I really despise the "Call now!" and "Contact me for a quote today!" kind of language that is so often used on mailed advertisements. 

I wanted mine to be simple and attractive while being informative but direct. Postcards, after all, are small. There's not much room for tons of writing, and brief phrases are more likely to make an impression on someone who is spending two seconds looking at a random postcard they received in the mail. 

I painted a watercolor wreath to frame the words "lettering" and "calligraphy," and I chose a few keywords for the bottom that apply to both restaurants and boutiques. At first I thought about creating two different postcards, one specifically for restaurants and eateries, and one for boutiques such as flower shops, but it was more economical to combine the two. Plus, flower shops may not have menus, but they do have displays and create arrangements for events. Displays and events could be relevant to restaurants, as well. 

Because there was limited space to feature my calligraphy and lettering, I chose to include my Instagram handle and website so people can easily view photos of my work. 

I'm excited to send these out! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed in hopes that I get a good response from them.