Merry Little Christmas Cards

One of my favorite holiday rituals is writing out Christmas cards. Before I became interested in calligraphy and lettering, I used to dread having to write out all those addresses! Now I find it fun because I get creative with my writing style. Even though it takes longer to produce a ton of perfect envelopes, I really enjoy immersing myself in the process, and I savor the time I spend doing it because it makes me feel festive and Christmassy. 

I experimented with a few different calligraphy and lettering styles this year, which was half by accident and half on purpose. I wanted to create a few different batches of envelopes in various styles, and it became necessary to do so when I encountered some issues with my ink and nibs. For some reason, the Bombay white India ink that I used kept drying prematurely on the nibs and became very difficult to write with. It didn't help that the envelopes weren't the smoothest, but I powered through what I could and opted for a white gel pen to finish the rest. Envelopes are calligraphed with ink above and lettered with gel pen below.

The calligraphed envelopes have a refined, crisp look to them, which is undeniably pretty. I do love the whimsy of the lettered envelopes, though.

Some envelopes ended up being craft paper with red ink. Oddly enough, the red India ink worked well the whole time.

If you sent Christmas cards this year, I hope you had as much fun with them as I did!